Animal By-Products

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We are one of the few laboratories in the United Kingdom approved to carry out animal by-product testing.

In order to be an officially listed we must test your products using named ISO methods as follows:

  • BS EN ISO 6579:2017 for Salmonella
  • BS EN ISO 21528-2:2004 for Enterobacteriaceae
  • BS EN ISO 7937:2004 for Clostridium perfringens
  • BS EN ISO 16649-1 or 16649-2:2001 for E. coli

We also participate in the Animal Plant Health Agency’s interlaboratory testing programme for Salmonella and E coli testing in animal by-products.

In order to comply with the Animal By-Product Regulations you must supply a minimum sample of 125g. We will report five Salmonella results per sample and/or 5 E. coli results per sample.

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