Research & Development

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Got an R&D project that requires a specialist microbiology lab? We have a dedicated laboratory for clients wanting to arrange niche R&D projects, for any industry.

Examples of industries serviced:

  • Optical products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dental
  • Waste handling

Examples of projects completed:

  • Sterilisation validation of contact lenses
  • Sterility testing for cell culture materials
  • Supply of B. atrophaeus and enumeration of returned plates
  • Bacterial identifications
  • Validation of antimicrobial properties of plastics
  • Detergent/Disinfectants neutralisation studies
  • Detergent/Disinfectants efficacy testing


  • Design and execute tests to your exact requirements.
  • Extensive library of control organisms available
  • Experience handling aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, and moulds.
  • Advisory services in planning of your R&D project.

Feel free to contact our Head of Technical, Kelly, to discuss your unique requirements.