Water Testing

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Key facts:

  • UKAS accredited since 2003, see our UKAS certificate.
  • Accredited tests for all standard water microorganisms, and legionella.
  • Public Health Authority interlaboratory testing participation – 100% accurate reporting rate to date.
  • Same day testing on samples received by 15:00, special arrangements can be made for those received later.

Standard Tests:

  • TVC @22°C
  • TVC @37°C
  • Pseudomonads
  • Coliforms
  • Sulphite reducing bacteria
  • E coli
  • Enterococci
  • E coli 0157 #
  • Salmonella #
  • Legionella

Tests Marked with # are not UKAS accredited


We supply all sampling materials as standard. Recommended bottle sizes below. We can also provide full sampling and collection services.

Tests Minimum Volume Required:

  • Legionella 1 litre recommended (300ml minimum)
  • Potable – 4 tests 100ml
  • Potable – 6 tests 500ml
  • Pool / Spa 500ml
  • Mineral Water 1 litre


Reports are sent via email each night to the appropriate individual.
Results are available in a range of formats:

  • The simplest form is an Excel file covering your last 180 days samples
  • Access to our Lambda Gateway creates graphs and trend reports which are excellent for investigative work.
  • Test reports are sent out via email in PDF format.
  • A separate PDF report is sent alerting you to your ‘Out of Specification’(OOS) results.