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Meeting your customers’ and regulatory bodies’ requirements is easier when your lab provides more than just results. That is why Express Micro Science not only provides compliance testing, but also a comprehensive sampling service, data handling systems, and consultancy on legislative requirements and data interpretation. Everything our customers need to stay ahead of the curve for facilities management compliance.

End to End Integrity
At EMS, facilities management compliance doesn’t begin in the lab. To ensure proper handling, we provide customers with lab grade sampling materials, and if needed our trained operators can provide a full on-site sampling service. We then collect samples using our own fleet of temperature controlled vans, and deliver them to our state of the art facility for same day UKAS accredited testing.

Scotland’s Local Lab
Our central lab is ideally located to receive samples from across mainland Scotland on the same day they were collected, and we recently expanded our water testing facilities to handle growing demand for local testing. This guarantees water testing takes place on the day of collection, preserving sample integrity, and providing the fastest possible results.

An Eye for the Invisible
EMS labs are equipped to uncover everything you wouldn’t want to find in your facility’s water and air supply.

Express Micro Science is the only independent lab in Scotland offering the complete range of UKAS accredited water testing, for total peace of mind, covering all major water-borne bacteria and other tests:

  • Total Viable Counts at 22°C and 37°C
  • E. coli
  • Coliforms
  • Pseudomonas
  • Enterococci
  • Sulphite reducing clostridia.
  • Legionella
  • pH

Leading the way on Legionella
In addition to the water-borne bacteria above, in 2005 Express Micro Science became the first laboratory in Scotland to be UKAS accredited for Legionella testing. As a member of the Legionella Control Association we appreciate how critical it is to control this serious risk to public health.

Not only do we have more experience in water-borne bacteria and Legionella testing than anyone else in the country, we recently rebuilt the EMS water lab. Now more advanced than ever, and with double the capacity, our lab can now yield more legionella testing results, in even less time.

Air Quality Testing
We carry out qualitative and quantitative sampling for bacterial and fungal counts in the air of your facility’s environment, and our air quality testing provides identification of isolates to species level.

Lambda Gateway – Intuitive, actionable science
We developed the Lambda Gateway, a bespoke results handling and reporting software designed to deliver the data our clients need, exactly how and when they need it. As an EMS client, Lambda puts you in control. Results can be trended, compared, and presented in near endless ways. View exactly what you need, and nothing of what you don’t, making your data fully relevant, intuitive, and quickly actionable.

Find out more about how Lambda Gateway can help.

Science meets service – Training & Support
Our service doesn’t end with your test results. Should you need any post-testing support, our microbiologists are available 7 days a week to discuss your results.

We also keep up to date with all ISO and British Standards, alerting you to any new legislation that may affect your planned sampling, testing, or corrective actions.

Our team can even provide comprehensive training courses in sample collection techniques, food and water safety, and much more. See all our training courses in the Training Services section.

Take a closer look
For additional detail regarding all our tests, accreditations, and services, visit our Services page, or simply get in touch.