Our in-house computer programmers have developed Lambda; a powerful but easy to use data handling programme, bespoke to EMS, enabling quick and easy trending of results.

It all begins with intuitive registration systems. The programme holds your data so that your operators can use simple drop down lists to select products. These products will be linked to standard suites and specifications, limiting typing time and manual errors.

Our systems can also be linked to barcode label printers, so that your samples are logged and ready for testing before they even arrive at the laboratory. This reduces paperwork and reduces the receipt-to-testing time. The system also provides a financial overview, with itemised price lists and totals, making purchase order creation quick and easy.

When it comes to your results Lambda produces reports with a touch of a button, including graphs of every variety, and statistical manipulation. The system is Excel based and extremely fast, as everything that is required resides on your computer, so there is no need to wait for internet based pages to refresh.